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Founded in the early 90’s, Kanele Arms is the largest supplier of hunting, outdoor and shooting products in Zambia.

Our Services

Firearm Cleaning

Firearm cleaning, also known as firearm maintenance or gun care, entails regular preventive maintenance practices that will ensure optimal function of your firearm. We use several specialised tools and chemical agents to service firearms.

Firearm Storage

When your firearm is not in active use or being carried, it must be stored securely in a properly-secured storage unit that complies with regulations. Similarly, ammunition for your firearm must always be stored in a locked storage unit. 

Rifle Zeroing

Our staff can fit electronic and telescopic sights and scope mounts and sight in your rifle to shoot your specified cartridge accurately. As an official Zeiss Optics dealer, we can also advise you on and supply superb scopes and binoculars.

Firearm Imports

In Zambia, The Firearms Registry is responsible for the control of the Import, export and sale of firearms and ammunition and other related materials. We are able to facilitate the entire process of importing your firearms.