Benelli Colombo 12ga

The Colombo semiautomatic is designed and made on purpose for wood pigeon hunting and thanks to the two available types of barrel with either wide shot or long shot choker, it adapts very well to the different styles of hunting one of the most widespread and prized birds. The new Wide Shot Cryogenic choker (fitted on the 65 cm barrel) ensures a 30{e25fd2d7c237e5fe96928f7d9bd97d9b58352e0983d0233ef1068aacb04ad7d3} more compact pattern for distances between 15 and 25 meters – ideal for platform shooting – while the new Long Shot cryogenic choker (fitted on the 70 cm barrel) ensures a more compact pattern with longer shots (50-60 m) and vertical shots; indeed, this set-up is ideal for hunting on hilly terrains. These chokers were designed, manufactured and tested to ensure an unparalleled ballistic performance. The patented Progressive Comfort system fitted into the stock progressively reduces the effect of recoil. The shell and engravings on the receiver give this shotgun a strong personality. The walnut wood is finished with the new WoodFX treatment, which brings out the elegant grains on the stock and fore end.

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