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Blaser Scope Mounts

Blaser Scope Mounts

SIMPLE, FLEXIBLE AND 100{e25fd2d7c237e5fe96928f7d9bd97d9b58352e0983d0233ef1068aacb04ad7d3} REPEAT ACCURACY

Blaser’s original Saddle Mount has revolutionized the connection between the rifle and the scope. Its consistent accuracy, reliability and precision are legendary and unmatched. Only the original Blaser Saddle Mount secures you a 10-year guarantee for the shooting performance of our rifles.

1. The Blaser Saddle Mount is placed in the notches on the barrel with the locking levers open.

2. No tools are needed to press the locking levers into position. This releases the tension on the mount lock on the barrel. To prevent the locking levers interfering with the use of the rifle, they are folded inwards.

3. The rifle scope is properly positioned and ready for zeroing. The Blaser Saddle Mount can be removed and replaced as often as you wish, with no need to re-zero.


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