G96 Silicon Spray

All purpose silicone spray ends sticking and binding.  Lubricates, penetrates, and prevents Rust.  Use on any surface including metal, glass, rubber, and plastic.  Unaffected by temperature from -40F to +450F.

For home, sports, automotive, and marine use.

  • Home:  Lubricates door hinges, garage doors and windows.  Use on garden implements, tools, bicycles, lawn mowers, etc.
  • Sports:  Fishing reels, snowmobiles, ski bindings, reloading tools, bullet mold release, etc.
  • Automotive:  Waterproofs ignitions systems, lubricates brake parts, silences fan belts, prevents freezing of weather strips, lubricates doors, door channels, locks, pedal shafts, and other moveable mechanisms.  Protects battery terminals.
  • Marine:  Lubricates and protects boat pulleys, wheel shafts, bearings, switches, and throttle control cables.  Protects batteries and outboard motors.
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