Zeiss Victory 10×32 T* Fl

Brilliant high-performance binoculars

Sharply defined details, brilliant natural colours and rapid focusing: this is what you get when you choose binoculars from the ZEISS Victory FL series. Special lenses made of fluoride glass minimise chromatic aberrations and ensure high image definition; identify the tiniest of differences and see the delineations of colours and shapes in razor-sharp detail. The easily accessible focusing wheel makes it possible to switch the focus between far distance and close range in a fraction of a second. High-performance optics have never been so light and easy to use.

Sharply defined detail is the hallmark of the ZEISS Victory 10×32 T* FL binoculars. The extremely small size of these binoculars paired with the fascinating brightness of the images makes them the ideal companion for long bird-watching expeditions or extended hunting tours. Even the tiniest details are shown with unrivalled sharpness and fascinating brightness.