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Beretta A400 Lite Synthetic Shotgun

Beretta A400 Lite Synthetic Shotgun

Model Code Model Barrel Length Chamber Choke Gauge
J40AC26 A400 Lite Compact Synthetic 26″ 3″ OBF-HP3 20
J40AC24 A400 Lite Compact Synthetic 24″ 3″ OBF-HP3 20
J40AS28 A400 Lite Synthetic 20/28 KO (GunPod2) 28″ 3″ OBF-HP3 20
J40AS26 A400 Lite Synthetic 20/26 KO (GunPod2) 26″ 3″ OBF-HP3 20
J40AS10 A400 Lite Synthetic 12/30 KO (GunPod2) 30″ 3″ OBF-HP3 12
J40AS18 A400 Lite Synthetic 12/28 KO (GunPod2) 28″ 3″ OBF-HP3 12
J40AS16 A400 Lite Synthetic 12/26 KO (GunPod2) 26″ 3″ OBF-HP3 12

A400 Lite Synthetic: All-Purpose Semiauto Shotgun
The Beretta A400 Lite Synthetic is a hunting shotgun that does it all–and that doesn’t mind playing hard and getting dirty.

After a demanding day upland hunting in the tall grass, waterfowling in the marshes or breaking clays at the range, the A400 is just as happy being tossed in the back of the truck for the drive home. It is not simply a black synthetic version of the A400 family, as it incorporates a boatload of special features like cross-tube piston giving you a 4+1 shot capacity, a new checkering pattern for better gripping, advanced recoil reduction, light weight, Optima HP choke system and the revolutionary smartphone-compliant Gunpod 2 to keep track of (and share!) your shooting activities. It is a workhorse–but a workhorse with an impressive pedigree.

A400 Lite is now available in a compact model. This is a modular version of the A400 Lite that features a barrel extension and the ability to upgrade to a full size, Kick-Off stock as the shooter grows. Available in 20ga with 24 or 26” barrels, the length of pull on the A400 Lite Compact is 12.5” (vs. 14.5” for the standard A400 Lite.

  • Fast, Versatile, Light and Low-Recoiling
  • Easy and Low-Maintenance
  • GunPod2: Your Digital Hunting Diary
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