John Rigby & Co The Highland Stalker

Hailed as a traditional deerstalking rifle, the new Highland Stalker is inspired by the same smaller calibre rifles Rigby produced at the turn of the 20th century that were used by iconic British adventurers such as Karamojo Bell and Jim Corbett. Rigby regards the Scottish Highlands as the birthplace of stalking and the title befitting the rifle.

The men’s version comes with a 14¼” stock length. The ladies’ version has a slightly shorter stock, measuring 13⅞” along with a rounded recoil pad with ladies’ toe. Both versions weigh approximately 7.8lb with a barrel length of 22″. The iron sights are regulated for 65, 150, 250 yards. The rifle’s magazine can hold either 5+1 or 4+1 depending on calibre. Of course, numerous upgrades are available to any specification.

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